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February 14, 2010

MENS effect on painful symptom in TMD patients.

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According to some authors, headache, earache, TMJ and muscle pain are consequence of muscle hyperactivity. Pain reduction may be achieved by physiotherapy, drugs, psychotherapy and/or occlusal therapy. Physiotherapy by microcurrent (MENS) and its effects on tissue repair process has been studied. However, it is lacking studies comparing microcurrent effect and others TMD therapeutic methods. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine if microcurrent therapy aids the masticatory muscle pain reduction in TMD patients.
Methods: Twenty patients divided in four groups were evaluated by means of sensibility to muscle palpation using a visual analogue scale (VAS). One group used occlusal splint therapy and MENS (I); other one, splint and placebo MENS (II); the third, only MENS application (III) and the last group, placebo MENS (IV). The results were submitted to analysis of variance (5% of significance). Results: It was verified that in group I (splint and MENS) there was a pain level reduction about 47.7%; group II (occlusal splint and placebo MENS), 66.7%; group III (MENS), 49.7%; group IV (placebo MENS), 16.5%. Conclusions: There was not statistical difference between MENS application and occlusal splint therapy regarding muscle pain level reduction in TMD patients.

Xanya Sofra Weiss

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