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November 30, 2010

The Secret of Hydrate2o Protons (H+) and Proton Donors. Xanya Sofra Weiss

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First the basic facts:
1. Only hydrogen can create the free proton, H+. It is a law of the universe. Water contains protons that can be donated to a reaction. Water disassociates into H+ and OH-.
2. The presence of protons, H+ has everything to do with acidic pH measurements and oxidation- reduction potential measurements (ORP). If you measure an acidic pH and a positive ORP in pure water you have free protons.
3. For every electron involved in a reaction, a proton, H+ must be donated to the set of oxidation-reduction reactions to keep the system electrically balanced. That is a law of oxidation – reduction reactions. The Krebs cycle is nothing but coupled oxidation- reduction reactions. Protons drive the Krebs cycle.
4. The mitochondria and the Krebs cycle must have protons or your body can not produce energy and you die. It is called the proton motive force. Dr. Krebs won a noble prize for this discovery.
5. Proton Donors are nothing more complicated then being a source of protons to the mitochondria. Not all hydrogen containing compounds can be proton donors. It all depends on the size, shape and chemical composition of the molecule as to whether the proton can be donated. Indisputable fact about the role of the B-vitamins in the body; they are proton donors while other vitamins are not. People lack energy when they are short on B-vitamins.
6. Cell water is a source of protons to the enzymes of the Krebs cycle and cell water keeps the enzymes the proper distance apart from each other. Cell water is structured water that actively participates in the enzymatic reactions of the Krebs cycle by being a source of protons, in other words, cell water is a proton donor. Hydrate2o is designed to mimic cell water in all its functions, hydration and proton donor capacity.

Xanya Sofra Weiss

Xanya Sofra Weiss

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