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October 30, 2010

Nanocurrent for Aesthetics and Anti -Aging. Xanya Sofra Weiss

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Xanya Sofra-Weiss

Aging is not just the sum total of individually deteriorating cells, shortened telomeres, denatured proteins and DNA molecules, or oxidative damage in the mitochondria. Aging is the dynamic process of increasing imbalances caused by: (1) cellular energy shortage, (2) incomplete cellular differentiation, (3) immune deficiency, (4) decreased systemic intelligence reflected in a/ defects in repair mechanisms, b/ inadequate spatial orientation and c/ poor network communication. International research has repeatedly shown that: (1)Electrons stabilize free radicals (2) Electron transport within DNA deflects oxidative damage; (3)Electrons provide a) direction information b) embryonic development c) cellular differentiation d) healing.(4) Electron transport chain results in Protons spinning the ATP-synthase in the mitochondria to produce ATP. Additionally, Proteins, the central intelligence mechanism of the cell are synthesized by aminoacids that are bound by virtue of their electric charge. A number of studies have shown that Protein synthesis occurs at specific frequencies below 1 Hz. Modern electronics and molecular biology research are combined to deduce the specifications for a technology that promotes Healthy Anti-aging. Resonating the firings, spatial organization and rhythms of electrically excitable cells leads to healing and rejuvenation in a completely safe, noninvasive method. However, to date, few devices pay attention to waveform formation that reflects the essence of cellular communications. There is a lot to be gained by developing a device that can emit signals capable of intertwining with those of signal transduction receptors (including G proteins, gene transcription and the activation of T cells). Such a device will not only become the protagonist in Anti-aging but it will have sufficient sophistication to heal disease and enhance overall immune efficiency.

Xanya Sofra Weiss

Xanya Sofra Weiss

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